A Brief History of the Chickpea and a Wonderful Recipe for an After-School Snack

The chickpea is a fascinating little thing and I found myself suddenly intrigued by the name because it doesn’t really look like a chick!

Living in Dubai, chickpeas are a common thing – it is a core ingredient in Arab, Mediterranean, Mexican, Pakistani and Indian cuisine. Hummus is a popular daily dish that appears at dinner parties, kids parties, lunch boxes and basically everywhere else! It has even been recorded that 10% of all US households have hummus in their fridges.

What’s in a name?

So the name of ‘chick’ comes from the French word ‘ciche’ which comes from the Latin ‘cicer’ which means chickpea… Roman politician and orator, Cicero, was so named because his family had a chickpea farm. In the US the chickpea is more commonly known as the Garbanzo bean, which just sounds like a character from Sesame Street but is used in

In the U.S., the chickpea is more commonly known as the Garbanzo bean, which sounds just like a character from Sesame Street! Its name is derived from the Basque word ‘garbantzu’ which is ‘garau’-seed’ and ‘antzu’-dry’ and is used in Spanish-speaking countries. Fascinating stuff!!

Furthermore, the history of the chickpea can be traced back to a sample, carbon dated 6790BC! So people have been eating chickpeas for a very long time!

Chickpeas are full of nutrients and vitamins, they are high in fibre and protein, and are better for you than other legumes. Plus they’re the perfect snack for your kids too!

Try this roasted chickpea recipe for a healthy alternative after-school snack:

The Parmie Pea


1 can of chickpeas, drained and dried on paper towel.
Pinch of salt and pepper
2 tsp. of dried thyme
1 Tbsp. olive oil
Generous sprinkling of parmesan cheese


  1. Mix it all together and bake on a baking dish for 15 minutes.
  2. When golden remove and break up the cheese while they are still hot. Enjoy!



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