Monster Butterflies: Beat the Summer Boredom with this Fun Crafting Activity!

It’s a full-time job keeping kids entertained – all the more reason to download the Meal Monsters app – haha! But seriously, here’s the link if you would like it 🙂 And with the summer holidays rapidly approaching, many mums are wondering how they are going to prevent boredom without breaking the bank.

Growing up, my mum and I would spend hours drawing together, sewing, making pom-poms, building models… In fact, any sort of craft activity was something we looked forward to doing together! Luckily for me, my mother is an artist and ceramicist so she was never short of ideas. And looking back now, I owe so many things I do in my work today as a stylist to this time I spent making things with my mother guiding me!

But not everyone is born with the creative gene, so we thought we might inspire you with a quick and easy project to do alongside your kids – the good news is that can be done with items lying around the house and it’s relatively mess-free!


How To Make Monster Butterflies

All you’ll need are some coffee filters, paint sticks, glue, coloured paper, scissors, throw-away chopsticks, a felt pen and some tape.


  1. Wet the coffee filters and place them on some old newspaper.
  2. Color the filters with the paint sticks in whatever pattern you desire – this is a great opportunity for kids to learn about mixing colors and exploring their more creative side.
  3. Let the filters dry, but in the meant time, cut the body, head, feelers, and eyes out of the coloured paper and glue together – if you would like a smiling monster butterfly, draw on a mouth with a pen.
  1. Once the filters are dry, cut along the top and bottom seam (but do not cut the middle!) and the open the filter out – the paint should have gone through to the second wing.
  2. Next up, you’ll want to glue the body to the centre seam.
  3. Turn your butterfly over and tape the chopstick to the back and watch your monster butterfly flap it’s beautiful wings!

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