Santa Claus is coming to town!

Here’s what he can expect to eat around the world

In just a few short sleeps, Santa Claus will be embarking on his epic journey around the world to deliver gifts and joy to millions of little children. Thankfully along the way, he and his reindeer will be fed with many gorgeous treats and snacks to keep their energy levels up and their spirits high. Here’s what he can expect in some of the countries along his route:


As one of his first stops on Christmas Eve, Santa Claus is probably very grateful for his ice-cold beer and cookies (after all, it’s summertime down under!).  Santa’s reindeer are also grateful to receive excellent hospitality as children leave carrots outside for them to munch on.


Up in the northern hemisphere, Baba Noel is welcomed with many gorgeous decorations, bright twinkling lights, and Christmas Carols in 3 different languages! While there is no specific tradition for leaving food out for Baba Noel, he is treated to elaborate nativity scenes which are set up inside the homes of Lebanese children.


If you’re in England, Father Christmas likes to receive a yummy mince pie (a small sweet pastry filled with fruit mince and spices) alongside some sherry or milk.


No trip to Ireland is complete without a pint of Guinness, and thankfully the children know this too! Halfway through his night of delivering gifts, St Nick can savour a well-deserved Guinness and Christmas pudding in the Emerald Isle.


But with all the drinking, Santa needs to sober up by the time he reaches Sweden! Children leave Tomte a freshly brewed cup of hot coffee – which is also a good idea to keep him awake and alert for the rest of his sleigh ride!


Pere Noel must look for reindeer snacks in children’s shoes while visiting France! But, thankfully his biscuits are left on a plate next to the fireplace. In exchange for feeding his reindeer, children will find sweets and small trinkets in their shoes the next morning.


Back down south, Pan de Pascua, a delicious sponge cake flavoured with fruit, ginger, and honey, is typically eaten as dessert after the Christmas Eve meal and piece is cut and set aside for Viejo Pascuero.


By the time Christkindl arrives in Germany, he is grateful for not having to eat any more snacks and instead he looks forward to beautifully decorated handwritten letters from children. Not having time to sit and read each one, he takes them with him and leaves gifts in their place.


Blessed to be living in multicultural, cosmopolitan country, children can surprise Santa Claus with traditions from all over the world (and maybe even a few new, original ones)! On his journey around the country, he will look for an open window to quietly sneak into the home and leave gifts under the tree. He might snack on cookies and mince pies, fruit cake and sugared almonds, or even some fire-roasted chestnuts if he’s lucky!


As Santa’s last stop on Christmas Eve, he is grateful to receive a glass of milk and a few cookies. Children often lovingly bake and decorate gingerbread men to leave next to their stockings and also set aside a few fresh carrots and oats for the reindeer.


Children of Iceland don’t have just one Santa Claus but 13 festive Yuletide Lads! On the thirteen nights preceding Christmas, Icelandic children place a shoe in their bedroom window and every night one Yuletide Lad visits, leaving sweets and small gifts if you are good, or rotting potatoes if you’ve been naughty!


Similarly, in Syria, children don’t receive gifts from Santa but from one of the wise men’s camels. On Christmas Eve, children will leave hay and water outside for the camel alongside their shoes which will be filled with gifts and goodies.

Planet Yum

Gor, Sal, Pom, and their families also love Christmas! In anticipation of Santa’s arrival, they’ll bake a scrummy chocolate snow mousse for Santa (look out for the recipe on our Instagram feed soon!) and put out some organic cucumber ribbons and fresh celery skewers from their garden for his favourite reindeer. And before going to bed, the Meal Monsters will tell each other stories in front of a warm fire under the tree and hang their stripey stockings made from stripey wool from the striped sheep who live on the striped mountains on Planet Yum, hoping will be full with presents in the morning…

Merry Christmas everyone!


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