Spiraling into Control

The spiralizer is a kitchen gadget used to cut veg into long thin curly strands. It was originally invented in Japan – probably for housewives to easily cut the thin daikon radish, traditionally used with sushi (a sushi chef takes years to perfect the art of cutting radish by hand!). The spiralizer came into fashion in about 2014, particularly in L.A. where the Paleo and Raw Diets were booming.

Regardless of diets, it is a great way to get kids to eat vegetables that they may otherwise disregard. Get your kids involved in the actual spiralizing – it is easy, fun and safe. Most kids are familiar with the likes spaghetti and pasta, so it’s not such a leap for them to have veggie spaghetti.

If you’re new to spiralizing, you can choose from a multitude of vegetables including zucchinis, carrots and sweet potato. Sauté the spiralized veg with a little olive oil or butter and flavour with herbs, salt and pepper, and then serve with any topping of your choice, such as Bolognese, cheese, chicken in yoghurt… the choice is endless!

spiralizer dinner for kids

Spiralizers are readily available in most kitchen shops or online.

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